We Can

By Shivam Jha (Author)

Language : English
Pages : 78
Paperback ISBN : 9789356534117
Currency Paperback
Us Dollar US$ 7.26


Hey reader, This is the type of English poetry book which is written by me {Shivam Jha}. This book contains poems written by me and my co-author. This make you think about : Is this right what you think? : Do you understand yourself? : Who know you and your feelings? : Will anyone understand you in future? : Do you know who are you? : Is somebody love you? : Your bad memories hurt you more than waund? : Is that right to think about your memories? All you find answer in this book. I hope you understand me. If not, no problem. Just read think and understand but don’t cry. Be strong. Let’s explore together. For teenagers only. Wattpad : flak_slit Shivam Jha 1st may 2022

About Contributor

Shivam Jha

Hey poem lovers, It's Shivam here, from Asia Subcontinent India. Love to write poems related to problems people face. So, I start my first series “We Can” powered by LB's Organization and publish by Writat. I'll introduce my self brief in “We Can~2” Instagram : flak_slit Wattpad : flak_slit Email : poetrywithlegends@gmail.com LB's Org : lb.organization2022@gmail.com «SOME SECRET NEVER REVEAL»


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