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The Bible is the unique book we, have that teaches us about God’s love and His road map of salvation. But beyond these, there are many more topics in the Bible that need to be explored and need better understanding that will help us to receive salvation and walk in faith. The aim of the book is to equip you to systematically study the Bible for yourself, by yourself. From centuries we have had our Bible with us as our regular book. It gives us teaching about Christ, faith, etc. Sometimes I observe that most of the Christian believers fail to understand, or in other words, they fail to extract the main theme of the Bible, which is “Knowing God”. Here Knowing God means knowing Him in every aspect, like by nature, holiness, his authority and power, his kingdom and many more to explore. This book is helpful for beginners, regular Bible readers, spiritual leaders, or any other believer who wants to keep his or her root in Christ.

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From his childhood, Sumit had a passion for discovering the truth behind life, steering clear of religious dogma. His journey of self-realization was backed by pure logic and science, leading to the discovery of the non-dual. Sumit is an engineer by profession and actively involved in Christian ministry and church activity. This book, his first, is an effort to spread the true knowledge and understanding of scripture in various Bible facts. The Bible becomes more than ever a real book when we can read it understandingly. This same theme the author tries to explore in each topics of the listed chapters.


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