Communication and Public Speaking


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The general topics of communication and public speaking are covered in the book "Communication and Public Speaking." The goal of the book is to provide readers with a theory has been supported of several dimensions of communication and public speaking. This will be used by guidance counselors, administrators, students, teacher aspirants, and educators as a source book for Skill Paper/Presentation. In the prehistoric Athens, public speaking was first studied about 2500 years ago. Men had to speak in front of the legislative assembly and in court as part of their civic responsibilities. In today's environment, which is loaded with meetings, conferences, and networking events, effective communication and public speaking skills are considered key life skills. It can be used to relay information, tell stories, inspire action, or do a mix of those things. It has a significant impact on the professional world because most jobs are thought to require some level of public speaking and good communication abilities. This book offers a starting point for anyone looking to develop their communication and public speaking abilities and aids in understanding the factors, significance, issues, and solutions.

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KHRITISH SWARGIARY a former assistant professor in Education Department at SBM COLLEGE, B0NGAIGAON, ASSAM, INDIA. Educational Qualification: 1. Master of Arts in EDUCATION from the Department of Education, Gauhati University, Assam. 2. Master of PSYCHOLOGY from Department of Psychology, IGNOU, India. 3. Bachelor of Arts in Education from Bongaigaon College ,Assam in year. 4. UGC-NET in Education with 86.69%. 5. D.EL.ED. from Assam Valley Academy, Assam. 6. I.T.I in Computer operating and programming assistant diploma in Assam. 7. PGDCA from CEC, ASSAM. He likes to read and review the research articles and journals on context related to Educational Technology, Psychology, General Education, etc. Specialization: Abnormal Psychology, Educational technology, Teacher Education. Author’s Address: Vill- LAWJURIPARA, CHAPAGURI, CITY- BONGAIGAON, Dist- chirang, STATE-ASSAM, INDIA, PIN-783380.


KAVITA ROY, currently working as an Assistant Professor in Dpeartment of Education at Bongaigaon College, Bongaigaon. (CONTRACTUAL) Educational Qulaification: 1. M.A. in Education from Gauhati University (2019) 2. B.A. in Education from Bongaigaon College.


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