Tiny Habits Massive Results

By Jaishree Nenwani (Abridged by)

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Pages : 162
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7 (plus a pro-habit) Tiny Everyday Habits that have Powerful Impact on our Lives Other than the random element of luck, what differentiates successful people from the rest are their Habits. They cultivate certain habits which contribute to their happier and healthy life. Learning these habits and how to use them in your life is rewarding. In this book, you will learn about simple yet impactful lifestyle habits that separate achievers from regular people. These tiny habits have a transformative effect on your physical and mental health, career, your relationships, and life.

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Jaishree Nenwani

Jaishree is a millennial blogger curating inspired wisdom that guides people to go deep and make a shift in their thoughts. She is passionate about journaling and loves to share wisdom and journaling tools that invoke deeper authenticity and Personal transformation. On her blog (https://getsethappy.com) she writes about Self improvement, Personal growth and ways to become happier in your life. Follow her on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and linkedin @jaishreenenwani


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