Development and Guidance of Children

By Kavita Roy (Author)

Language : English
Pages : 66
Paperback ISBN : 9789356753853
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This book focuses mainly on childhood stage of human development and how they should be guided by parents, teachers, elders, community and society. Proper development and guidance is essential for young children to lead a healthy and prosperous life. Childhood is a schooling age and therefore it should lay strong foundation for an effective growth and development. Guidance helps in enhancing the inner qualities and abilities existing in children. Hence today’s parents and young generation should know about their role and strategies to be adopted for essential development of a child.

About Contributor

Kavita Roy

Kavita Roy, M.A. (NET in EDUCATION) currently working as guest lecturer in Education Department at Bongaigaon College, Assam, India.


Education : Guidance & Orientation

Education : Parent Participation

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