Black Rose

By Uzair Merchant (Author)

Language : English
Pages : 100
Paperback ISBN : 9789354548826


Uzair Merchant’s latest sci-fi thriller, Black Rose, is set in a post-pandemic future. Rose, a recently disavowed Interpol agent, has gone rogue before uncovering a cult that threatens her home…..Red City. Left to fend for herself since she was a young teenager, Rose must now step up to rescue her newly found surrogate family from betrayal within “The Agency.” In the process, she learns that deception is the art of war, and most of her precious Red City is blinded by the seduction of technology. How far must Rose go to protect her entire world from collapsing?

About Contributor

Uzair Merchant

Uzair Merchant is the author of Black Rose, a Sci-Fi Show, built from the future. An fully interactive world built with NFT's and a Game that has recently launched its soundtrack, STARDUST. Black Rose is a part of the KREATIV UNIVERSE, produced by The Kreativ Lab by KRi8. The Lab’s single aim is to create an avenue where art and artists can fluently express themselves, collaborate, and never lose their rights to their work. With over 12 years in film business internationally as an ‘ARTIST,’ Uzair has worked on various projects, including Star Trek Beyond, Fast and Furious 7, Skyfall, Deadpool 2, Superman and Lois. Most recently, he has production designed the first ever Hollywood film made in the UAE, ‘The Misfits’ by Renny Harlin (Die Hard 2, Cliffhanger) starring Pierce Brosnan and Jamie Chung. A Kreativ explorer, Uzair takes on roles of a Production designer, writer, director & producer and has also designed for the world’s largest cultural theme parks – Global Village in Dubai for over 6 years, winning the best pavilion award. His last short film “Chasing lines,” (all shot on the iPhone) has won him 14 International awards from Los Angeles Film Award, New York Film Awards and, many more international festivals and currently streams on Amazon Prime and on all platforms. An alumnus of Nottingham Trent and the New York Film Academy, "Uzi" is a product of the world; with Indian roots, he's lived between Dubai, London, New York and is a resident of Vancouver. But it's not all lights, camera, and action...Music and Martial arts make up the other sides to who he is. He holds a 3rd Degree Black Belt in Shorin Ryu Seibukan Karate and strongly believes in Cosmic Creativity. The inner journey to the outer world.


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