By Narinder Kumar Sapra (Author)

Language : English
Pages : 250
Paperback ISBN : 9789354548734


Robin and Ali at the age of twelve years, join a Military School at Dehradun to receive nine years of rigorous Military training. Sharing common interests while undertaking numerous adventure activities together, a strong bond between the two is established. In their final year of school, their sisters join Whelums Girls School in Dehradun. After a chance encounter while on a day’s trip to Mussoorie, they fall in love with each other’s sisters, but both the couples keep their love affairs hidden from one another. Over a period, loves between the pairs grow, culminating in marriages against the strong opposition from both the families, who are not able to reconcile on their children marrying in different religions. While taking part in an all-India car rally, Ali and Robin are badly injured resulting in their being boarded out of the army on medical grounds. Due to the failure of monsoons for six consecutive years, India faces severe drought conditions. Taking advantage of the miseries of the public, vested elements try to exploit the Hindu-Muslim divide causing severe communal riots. Ali is indoctrinated to join fundamentalist forces, whereas Robin is roped in to fight the Dharam Yudh. While the pitched armed battles between the two opposing groups intensify, Ali and Robin leading their respective warring factions come face to face, resulting in Ali being seriously wounded. Robin recognizing his old friend tries to intervene between the two forces, only to be killed with Ali succumbing to injuries in his arms. As an irony of fate, Ali is reborn into the Hindu family of Robin, while Robin reincarnates in the Muslim family of Ali, thus are now at the other end of the spectrum for which they had laid down their lives in their previous births.........

About Contributor

Narinder Kumar Sapra

Brig (retd) N K Sapra held various important appointments in the Indian Army, the last three being; ‘Chief Electronics Engineer, Head Administration Indian Military Academy, BGS (T) Army Training Command’. After shedding his army uniform, he held top positions in National Council Applied Economics Research, Crescendo Clothing, Pure Cotton, Consultancy Development Centre, VDFG Real Estate Developers, and Country Head of Investment Banking firm. Currently, he is the ‘Editorial Correspondent’ with the Defence magazine, ‘India Strategic’. He has been a full-time Director of five companies. He was Superintendent Engineer (Mechanical) in Border Roads. His vast diversified education at RIMC, NDA, IMA, and other institutions coupled with vast experience helped him in acquiring insights into varied aspects of life. He is a fellow and certified electronics engineer of IETE, Lead Auditor, and was a member of the Institute of Engineers, AIMA & DMA. While in the Army, he wrote many professional books/ Instructions and carried out numerous project studies on Equipment Management, and formulated 'war wastage scales, maintenance of military equipment.


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