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Pages : 292
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Much of the knowledge a person possesses gets lost when he or she is no more. To err is human! We all not only make mistakes but blunders. Beauty is to learn from others' mistakes and experiences and to avoid personal pitfalls. The author has consolidated experiences and knowledge of the present generation and that accrued from the the previous generations. It has been consolidated in 30 varied topics, in the language that children can absorb. 30 Chapters include, guidelines on professional success, inter-personal relationships, health, home-remedies, nutrition, etc. The book, "Down The Line", for definite will be extremely useful for the lifetime for both the youngsters and the parents.

About Contributor


Brig (retd) N K Sapra held various important appointments in the Indian Army, the last three being; ‘Chief Electronics Engineer, Head Administration Indian Military Academy, BGS (T) Army Training Command’. After shedding his army uniform, he held top positions in National Council Applied Economics Research, Crescendo Clothing, Pure Cotton, Consultancy Development Centre, VDFG Real Estate Developers, and Country Head of Investment Banking firm. Currently, he is the ‘Editorial Correspondent’ with the Defence magazine, ‘India Strategic’. He has been a full-time Director of five companies. He was Superintendent Engineer (Mechanical) in Border Roads. His vast diversified education at RIMC, NDA, IMA, and other prestigious institutions coupled with vast experience helped him in acquiring insights into varied aspects of life. He is a fellow and certified electronics engineer of IETE, Lead Auditor, and was a member of the Institute of Engineers, AIMA & DMA. While in the Army, he wrote many professional books/ Instructions and carried out numerous project studies on Equipment Management, and formulated war wastage scales, maintenance of military equipment, among many others.


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