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How you utilize the time reflects how you live your life. After all, life itself is the time that we all get to spend on this enchanting planet. To live a charmed life, we need to remain focused and judiciously devote time to fulfilling our dreams. In the long run, it is not the most intelligent, talented, highly educated, creative or gifted by birth individuals who leave a permanent mark, but the people who have learned the techniques as to how to invest their minutes more effectively. In this book, the author has compiled numerous methods, by applying which, anyone can transform his/her life. Suggestions enumerated in this book are equally applicable for the professional, family, social and personal lives. All categories of professionals, entrepreneurs, business people, students and home-makers can tremendously benefit from many of the unique ideas explained in this book. Time is a most unique resource that is equally bestowed on each human being, irrespective of one’s position or where one resides. It follows its constant pace and no one can see it, stop it, accumulate it or alter it. We have to adjust to it to make the most optimum use of the ever-fleeting time. Time is impartial and remains open to anyone who wants to exploit it in the manner individual desires. Everyone can bring in desired changes as long as one is willing to use one’s time more effectively. Humans are slaves to the habits that are developed by repetitively carrying out specific tasks. Successful people have one common attribute utilizing every minute towards achieving their short-term and long-term goals. Thousands of years back, Aristotle had advocated, “We are what we repeatedly do”.

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Brig (retd) N K Sapra held various important appointments in the Indian Army, the last three being; ‘Chief Electronics Engineer, Head Administration Indian Military Academy, BGS (Tech) Army Training Command’. After shedding his army uniform, he held top positions in National Council Applied Economics Research, Crescendo Clothing, Pure Cotton, Consultancy Development Centre, VDFG Real Estate Developers, and Country Head of Investment Banking firm. Currently, he is the ‘Editorial Correspondent’ with the Defence magazine, ‘India Strategic’. He has been a full-time Director of five companies. He was Superintendent Engineer (Mechanical) in Border Roads. His vast diversified education at RIMC, NDA, IMA, and other institutions coupled with vast experience helped him in acquiring insights into varied aspects of life. He is a fellow and certified electronics engineer of IETE, Lead Auditor, and was a member of the Institute of Engineers, AIMA & DMA. While in the Army, he wrote many professional books/ Instructions and carried out numerous project studies on Equipment Management, and formulated 'war wastage scales, maintenance of military equipment.


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