By Mantri Pragada Markandeyulu (Author)

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Pages : 114
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These stories are highly useful, educative, purposeful, and meaningful to all the Students’ Community, all Working Class, Employees of all Companies, Banking Staff, Industrial Workers, Employees working in the Software Field, all the youth, middle aged group people, aged and old people, House Wives. These stories make people a positive thinking and establish a good frame-of-mind. Life changing stories for all the People living in all the Countries, as these stories subject reflect on the real-life happenings, whoever reads this book. More so, these Special Quotes, could well be utilized in Movies/TV Serials, Radio Programs, Advertisement purposes, Label purposes. I Appeal and Request all the Readers’ to please do share this book, to all your group members/friends/connections. I am planning to open a TRUST for a good cause, from the Sale Proceeds of this Book. ………………

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Mantri Pragada Markandeyulu

Author, Story and Song Writer, Poet. Trainer in Management Programs. Retired Public Sector Enterprise Officer.


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